Mon. May 27th, 2024

Local contractor JNC Group Indigenous Contractors Pty Ltd has secured the contract for the $3.9 million upgrade of the Dumaresq Dam Reserve Redevelopment Project. 

The appointment, endorsed by Armidale Regional Council at the December meeting, marks a significant milestone for the upgrade of the Dumaresq Dam Recreation Area. 

Funded by the Australian and NSW Government’s Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund, stage one of the development includes new contemporary amenities block, picnic shelters and BBQ facilities. A complete redesign of the recreation area with new entrance, paved internal roads, parking including long bay parking near the upgraded boat ramp and camp site area. Paved paths surrounded by landscaping will lead to a new low beach wall along the dam foreshore and a new jetty that will allow easier access for recreational fishing and swimming in the dam. 

Interpretive signage will also be installed in the conservation area around the popular walking track that circumnavigates the dam. The reserve is a critical linkage between core koala habitat to the west through to Mount Duval Nature Reserve to the north of the Dumaresq Dam reserve. The reserve will continue to be managed for the conservation of wildlife habitat in collaboration with Backtrack. 

Mayor Sam Coupland said the multi-million dollar upgrade will be a vast improvement on the current tired and out dated facilities. 

“Dumaresq Dam has been a hidden gem for locals to enjoy water activities and relax in the beautiful natural surrounds.”

“The existing facilities have always been a little rough and rundown but now the recreation area will be a marquee attraction for visitors to enjoy passive water sports with the family and friends for a day trip or a few nights camping.” 

“It’s also a great outcome of our region to appoint a local contractor for the upgrade with the civil construction company JNC Group Indigenous Contractors,” he said.

JNC Group Indigenous Contractors was created by the Armidale based civil construction company JNC Group, owned by Jeremy and Nicole Blanch, to specifically bid for Government work under the Indigenous Procurement Project and other construction work with a social inclusion policy. The separate entity provides an increased opportunity for Indigenous employment in our region and aims to help create intergenerational wealth with an employee ownership plan.

Construction is expected to commence in early February. The whole site will be closed for public access throughout the duration of the construction works which is expected to take six months. 

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