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Working dogs from across the land will descend on the community of Nundle this weekend to contest the annual Great Nundle Dog Race. The poochy population will explode on Sunday 5th May, with great prizes on offer for all kinds of canine competitors in this unique, and often hilarious, fundraising event.

From humble beginnings as a friendly wager between two local farmers, the Great Nundle Dog Race has proven to be a most successful blend of pet pride and competitive spirit. Growing in popularity since the first race in 1979, the event has earned the Nundle Parents and Citizens Association statewide recognition, having been invited to address the P&C Federation NSW State Conference in 2023, speaking to the topic of unique and successful fundraising ideas.

“The Nundle Dog Race has been a key annual event for the past 45 years, significantly enhancing our ability to offer support to our students and families,” said President of the Nundle Parents and Citizens Association, Tash Moore.

“The P&C covers costs that are typically out-of-pocket in other NSW public schools, such as excursions, bus travel, and cultural events. These supports remove financial barriers, allowing every student the opportunity to participate fully in school activities.”

The Great Nundle Dog Race is one of Nundle’s major annual tourist events. This year, Race Day involves over twenty races for all types of dogs. The main event ‘The Great Nundle Dog Race’ carries on the tradition of the origins of this competition by pitting true working dogs against each other in a one-hundred-meter dash.

There are, however, many other races for all variety of dogs to enter such as the ‘House Dog Races’, ‘Mongrel Invitation Stakes’ and ‘Juvenile Canine Mini Stakes’.

If your dog can jump onto the back of a ute, test their skills in the ‘Doggy High Jump’, or if they love to chase then how about ‘Stumpy’s Circular Dog Derby’. There are great prizes to be won across all events.

The first race of the day starts from 10.30am, with the ‘Junior Dog on a Leash’, followed by children’s running and sack races to help the kids burn off some of that excess energy. There is also a ‘Best Dressed Dog’ Fashion Parade, with categories for Under 12 years and Over 12 years so both adults and children can enjoy the fun.

A Canteen will be operating on the day, with coffee vans on-site and the Nundle Lions Club also offering a barbeque. Various Water stations are available for your dog.

“The organisation of the Nundle Dog Race is a whole of community effort,” said Ms Moore.

“Students participate creatively by drawing dogs, with the winning design featured on that year’s merchandise. This fosters a sense of ownership and pride among the students.”

“Parents play a critical role too, serving on the organizing committee, securing sponsorships, and volunteering on the day of the event. This involvement not only brings our community together but also enhances the event’s success each year.”

“With the P&C’s sustained financial health from the annual dog race, we are now exploring further refurbishments and enhancements to our school facilities,” said Ms Moore.

“These improvements aim to attract new students and provide our existing students with the best possible start in our small village community.”

“Our goal is to continue building on this success to give all the kids here the best start we can.”

This is a great family-oriented event, with as much fun to be had in spectating as participating. Families and dog-lovers travel from far and wide to enjoy this day, which is a massive boost to the small township of Nundle.

For more information, see The Great Nundle Dog Race website or Facebook page.

The Great Nundle Dog Race is an alcohol-free event.

Top image: 2023 winner of The Great Nundle Dog Race, ‘Nell’ and her 2 owners, with event organisers Tash Moore and Susi Rieger (supplied)

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