Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Artwork that captures the heart of Gunnedah will be at the core of a new exhibition that also includes a fun interactive element.

Gunnedah Captured is an extension of the popular Gunnybalds exhibition that was last held in 2022, but builds on the theme of portraits to include works depicting events, sites or community groups the artist believes represents their local Shire.

Gunnedah Captured will open on Friday, May 3, and will include a pop-up installation where visitors to the gallery can dress themselves up with items that represent who they are for a portrait with a twist.

Participants will text their “portrait” to the gallery, where it will be printed and added to the exhibition.

The free images can be picked up after the exhibition closes.

Gunnedah Shire Council Cultural Precinct Team Leader Danny Hankinson said exhibitions such as Gunnedah Captured were important in capturing the identity of a community.

“We all know that a community can mean many different things to different people,” Mr Hankinson said.

“This exhibition takes a look at the people, the places, the events and the groups that help give Gunnedah Shire its meaning for these artists.”

“Gunnedah Captured shows glimpses into what makes this a special place.”

An open gallery evening will be held as part of the exhibition on Thursday, May 23 when people can bring a picnic and enjoy interacting with the installation.

Gunnedah Captured will open at 6pm on Friday, May 3 and be on display at the Gunnedah Bicentennial Creative Arts Gallery until Friday, June 7.

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