Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

The NSW Branch of the Veteran Car Club of Australia putted into Inverell for four days of events celebrating their 70th anniversary this weekend.

A number of vintage cars made prior to 1919 and taking part in the 2024 Premier Rally, which was the first Vintage Rally to be held in Inverell. Numerous vehicles were seen travelling to various locations dotted around the region from Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th April, including Tingha, Copeton Dam, Graman, Ashford as well as Tom Horwood’s Tractor Museum at Oakwood.

The final day saw all the vehicles congregate at the National Transport Museum from lunch time to allow the community to see the vehicles up close as well as ask any questions they may have to members of the Car Club.

The array of vehicles that came to Inverell included Model T Fords, Talbots, as well as a 1914 Mercedes Benz similar to ones used during the first World War.

Malcolm Roy from the NSW Branch of the Veteran Car Club of Australia said participants came from near and far to take part in the celebrations.

“There’s at least 2 vehicles that I know that have travelled from the NSW Central Coast which took them 2 days travel.”

Malcolm Roy from NSW Branch of the Veteran Car Club of Australia with his Hupmobile

“Most of the vehicles that came to Inverell were trailered due to the road conditions, when you’re facing the big trucks, it can be a bit daunting,” Mr Roy said.

There were also participants that travelled interstate to join in on the fun.

“I know some have come from as far north as Mackay in QLD, as well as South of Sydney, which is a very generous move to do,” Mr Roy said.

Mr Roy also paid tribute to the locals of Inverell and the generous hospitality given to the visitors.

“Overall, we’re very happy with the way it’s gone, the biggest thing that we’ve been most happy with was the one thing we couldn’t control, and that’s the weather!” he said.

“But the comments we’ve gotten from the entrants of the friendliness of the town of Inverell, you’ve got to be proud of yourselves.”

“We’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, the roads have been good, the traffic hasn’t been heavy on the roads we were on, and I think everyone is going home after a memorable 4 days”, Mr Roy said.

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