Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

An exciting 2 days of motorsports was held in Inverell over the weekend, but it’s not the kind of motorsport you’d think.

When people think “motorsport”, they think Formula 1, Touring Cars or at the very least, Go Karts. However, Inverell played host to the very first Lawnmower Racing event, the inaugural ‘Easter Eggstravaganza’ made possible by the North West Mower Racing Association based in Inverell.

Association Vice President Craig Wilkins was the brainchild behind the event, given the gruelling task of not only planning the 2 day Extravaganza in a short period of time but also designing and building the track from scratch, which is located right next to the Inverell Speedway Reserve just north of Inverell off Ashford Rd.

“The purpose of this track, believe it or not, was actually not intended for this race but for the INVY 500 being held over the June Long Weekend.”

“That event was months in the planning and we’ve already secured a huge number of entrants from around Australia as well as sponsors. But I figured we need to test it out somehow so we’re well prepared ahead of time, so it was suggested we hold a pre event that way we can iron out any kinks in time for the big event.”

Preparation of the track, however was not without its challenges.

“When the suggestion of a pre event came about, it was only a few weeks away and the track had only just been dug out.”

“We still had to refine it by putting a grader on it and a water truck to prep the surface it so it can be raced on,” Craig said.

“What made that difficult was the constant change of weather which put us back significantly, so it was down to the wire!”

The Outlaws racing in the North West Mower Racing Association’s Easter Eggstravaganza (Louis Ramos)

The racing extravaganza held 3 categories of mowers with 6 races each category. The Super Singles, ideal for novice racers, The Twins, for the more experienced racers, and The Outlaws, where even the more seasoned of racers find it difficult to tame.

Co-organiser and Association President Gordon Jones, who is also ranked #3 in Australia for the Outlaw division, took part in the event saying it’s not easy to tame a wild beast.

“These Outlaw machines can be fitted with motors of up to 1000cc, this one in particular carries 70hp.”

“For something that weighs just 200kg minus the driver, yeah it’s pretty scary stuff!”

A surprisingly good number of people turned out for the event, which was catered by the Inverell Macintyre Lions Club as well as a Coffee and Ice Cream van to keep everyone cool for the near 30⁰ days.

The next event to be held at the newly created track will be the INVY 500 held at the Inverell Speedway Reserve over the June Long Weekend. Find out more on their Facebook group.

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