Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Over a hundred exhibitors and organisers are making their final preparations for next weekend’s tenth annual Seasons of New England Expo in Uralla.

Described by one fan as ‘the best ever markets with a touch of festival’, Seasons is a hugely popular event bringing together the best artisan food, drink, and other products and celebrating the people that make thing.

The event has always had a strong commitment to the environment and works hard towards zero waste, and organiser Tara Toomey says they keep making improvements towards that goal”

“For 2023 we introduced a cup deposit scheme, thanks to the purchase of durable, dishwasher safe cups purchased from Australian based business BetterCup.  These have pour lines for the bar and are instantly recognisable with our logo.” 

“For 2024 we are tweaking the system a little, offering a loan cup instead.”

“There will be plenty on hand, including at our free water station, at the entry points and at the Seasons Bar. Buckets to return the cups will be available at the same locations, and we have plenty of cups on hand to provide clean cups throughout the day too,” Tara said.

“Post Expo events on Saturday 23rd March include even more great live music, alongside our inaugural community BBQ,” Tara said.  

Uralla Central School and Kentucky P&C have been invited to deliver the BBQ starting from 6pm, with the proceeds going to both organisations. The menu includes traditional sausage sandwiches, tasty burgers and some delicious trout, gluten free and vegetarian options too. Vinnie and the Cuban Missiles will be playing at the same time, keeping you entertained until dusk around 7.30pm. 

The annual Uralla Arts Lantern Parade with hen get underway from 7.30pm, running fro about half an hour and then the live mus returns with Thor Phillips and his band heading our way to round out the night.   The Seasons Bar and small meals will be available until close at 9.30pm.

“Huge thanks to Uralla Arts for collaborating with us on the night time entertainment following the Lantern Parade,” Tara said.

The Seasons of New England Expo is on next Saturday 23rd March from 9am at Hampden Park in Uralla. For more information on Seasons of New England visit www.seasonsofnewengland.com.au/

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