Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Armidale’s long history of excellence in dramatic performance is in good hands, with TAS joining PLC students in being selected to star in the statewide HSC Drama Showcase, OnSTAGE!

The entire Year 12 Drama class at The Armidale School has ended a long commitment to creative arts at TAS in style with their performances being nominated for the special showcase. The two Group Performances performed by the nine students, as well as five Individual  Performances are now up for consideration for final selection into the showcase which will take place early in 2024. Group Performances are a mandatory part of the subject, with students  working in groups to devise an original play of 8-12 minutes in length, with a topic of their  choice. 

For Pierre Morcellet, Oliver Morse, Will Nash and Claude Toakley, this was ‘The Black Hand’ which  followed the true story of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by the Serbian terrorist organisation the Black Hand.  

“We aimed to incorporate as many true events, no matter how stupid, into the show,” said Pierre. 

Meanwhile Felicity Barton, Chelsea Bourke, Meave Churchyard, Japser O’Neil and Netty Whysall  created ‘The Prefects’, an examination into how normalised yet overlooked “toxic popularity” is  in Australia inspired by the television show Ja’mie’. 

Additionally the six-eight minute long Individual Performances of five of the students were also  nominated. These include Will Nash’s ‘Black White & Colour’, an adaptation of ‘Orpheus &  Eurydice’ by Alexander Wright and Phil Grainge; Pierre Morcellet’s adaption of from the play  ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’ by Richard Bean; a performance by Jasper O’Neil of the monologue  ‘Shallow, Quick’ by Pete Malicki; ‘Alice’ – a highly choreographed adaption from Alice in  Wonderland performed by Chelsea Bourke and Claude Toakley’s rendition from the play  ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ by David Mamet. 

Class teacher and TAS Head of Creative Arts Andrew O’Connell said he was incredibly proud of  the students. 

“So many nominations are a recognition of the exceptional performance work of the whole class  and a testament to the many, many, many hours of hard work invested in their studies,” he said. 

“They will submit videos for consideration by the OnSTAGE showcase team and will hear back in  December, but the very act of being nominated is a significant achievement.”

“Results like this  highlight the academic advantage and resources of the creative arts at TAS with its own  specialist performance theatre, and the students will be able to walk into their written exams with confidence next term.”

“It’s an incredible way for these performers to end their careers on the  Hoskins Centre stage, some, since their primary school days.” 

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