Mon. May 20th, 2024

PLC Armidale has had its entire 2023 Higher School Certificate (HSC) Drama cohort selected for nomination to participate in the prestigious OnSTAGE showcase. 

Head of Creative and Performing Arts at PLC Armidale, Mrs Joanne Wysel,  said  OnSTAGE is a highly competitive event that celebrates the most promising young talent in New South Wales, and this honour highlights the College’s dedication and commitment to the arts.

“Each year, only a select group of students are chosen to perform their HSC Drama works as part of this exclusive showcase,” Mrs Wysel said.

“This year, we are thrilled to announce that all our 2023 HSC Drama students have been nominated for selection for OnSTAGE for their group performance, and four have also been nominated for their individual performance.”

The students must now submit videos for consideration by the OnSTAGE showcase team for final selection in December.

“This is a testament to the exceptional quality of our drama program and the dedication of our students and teachers in our Creative and Performing Arts faculty,” said PLC Armidale Principal Mrs Nicola Taylor.

“PLC Armidale takes immense pride in nurturing and supporting the talent of our girls, and this achievement demonstrates our commitment to providing a world-class education in the academic, creative, sports and leadership streams.”

PLC Armidale’s HSC Drama students have been nominated for OnSTAGE for the past three years – a testament to the high standard in the Creative and Performing Arts department.

Elective drama and dance subjects are taught from Year 9 to HSC level, and drama classes are given to all students in years 7 and 8. 

According to Mrs Wysel, these skills are not so much about equipping girls for a life on the stage, although she agrees that option is open to them.

“Drama skills have a wide range of practical applications that can enrich and improve various aspects of everyday life, from enhancing communication and interpersonal relationships to boosting creativity and personal well-being,” Mrs Wysel said.

“Confidence and public speaking; effective communication; empathy and understanding; creativity and problem-solving; stress management; teamwork and collaboration; adaptability;  memory and focus; self-expression; cultural awareness; and time management are all skills developed in drama classes and highly valued by employers in any industry.”

Top image: PLC Armidale Head of Creative and Performing Arts Mrs Joanne Wysel with Makenzie Roberston, Nathea Ping Kee, Seraphina Katta, Gabrielle Cotterell, Chantelle Farag, Hattie Gilpin, Fi Fi Imberger and Catie Alcorn.