Sun. May 19th, 2024

Armidale’s Chais Tippett and Jack Love are off to show what regional drivers are made of when they look to take on the state’s best this October long weekend.

Lithgow will play host to the NSW Karting State Titles and the one to watch is Armidale’s very own, Chais, who is leading the Lithgow Club Champion for 2023.

“I am feeling really good about it, and I am convinced I can get a good result, but I will be happy either way as long as push myself,” said Chais.

“We’ve got a new frame for this round, and we’ve put everything into it, we have pretty much stripped the kart down and checked everything and it couldn’t be better.”

Hot on his heals is his 25-year-old brother, Jack, trailing in fourth, with both ready to debut for their first state title race.

Chais and Jack both stepped up from the restricted class this year into the Tag 125 Light, the senior elite class, up against 45 drivers from all over New South Wales.

“There are some very competitive names from the Australian Karting Champions that will be there competing for it.”

For mum, Angi Tippett, it isn’t always easy to watch.

“Because they race in the same class it’s really hard to watch because you don’t want one to win and the other one to not, so I just take photos,” said Angi.

“I am extremely proud because they have only stepped up to this class this year, they were in restricted last year, and it’s such a tough class.”

“In the last shake down at Lithgow the top 15 racers were within three tenths of a second of each other, they are so close.”

“We didn’t expect them to be up the pointy end, but they have blown us away with their commitment and how hard they have worked to get here.”

And commitment it is from both drivers, with no local track in our region, its travel or nothing and they do all their own maintenance for their vehicles out of their home garage in Armidale.

“It’s a huge commitment, financially and time wise, if they’re not racing at the track, they are both racing on their simulators, especially during covid when there was no live racing simulators made it so they were still racing,” said Angi.

Both men grew to love the sport after seeing the passion from their grandfather, Greg Love.

“Their grandfather has built a lot of street machines and hot rods in the past, he is a qualified mechanic.” said Angie.

Jack even followed in his footsteps, also becoming a qualified mechanic. A handy trade considering they do their own maintenance.

For Chais, he was hooked from a young age.

“I love karting because I grew up watching Formula 1 and the V8 supercars and I’ve always wanted to get into racing because I always admired the determination and commitment a lot of these drivers have.” said Chais.

As for sibling rivalry, they try and leave it on the track.

“We have had some quiet drives home, when we were in the restricted class, we use to run into each other quite a bit, but now we can help each other a little,” said Chais.

“It’s pretty good having him there.”

2024 will look even better for the young gun, with Chais signing with the Australian Karting Championship, with the Tyler Greenbury Racing Team, which will grow his opportunity to race interstate more regularly.

A feat he know wouldn’t have been achieved without the support of his family.

“It would take too long for me to comment on how much my mum and dad have done for us, but I would definitely love to thank them for everything they do, they’re the ones who make it possible and I couldn’t do anything without them,” said Chais.

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