Sun. May 19th, 2024

Clean and reliable water has been secured for the Tenterfield community, with construction now completed on the new $9.6 million water treatment plant. 

Speaking at the official opening last Friday, Mayor Bronwyn Petrie said at 90 years old, the previous plant was inefficient and unreliable, losing a litre of water for every litre of potable water that was produced which is why it had to go. 

“While the old plant served residents and businesses faithfully for nine decades, it was no longer up to the job, which is why it was imperative that it was replaced with  infrastructure that is fit for the modern era,” Mayor Petrie said.  

The new plant can treat up to 2.6ML every day and will also treat bore water if the  town needs to switch to an alternative source when the Tenterfield Dam is low or the  area becomes drought declared. 

“With the Bureau of Meteorology predicting another dry spell, communities like Tenterfield cannot afford to lose any water which is why this new infrastructure will be  a game changer for the town.” 

“This world class plant will improve water quality through enhanced treatment  processes and, more importantly, put an end to water waste by ensuring every drop gets where it’s needed the most.”  

“We also know Tenterfield is the northern gateway to the New England region, which puts it firmly on the tourism map which is why this infrastructure is designed to support tourism and population growth for the next five decades.” 

Tenterfield Mayor Bronwyn Petrie said the new infrastructure has been the missing piece in the town’s water security puzzle.

“It was abundantly clear the plant was well past its design life, so we were so grateful  to have the support of the NSW and Commonwealth Governments to make this project, a reality,” she said.  

“Our town has been at the mercy of some very challenging times from droughts to bushfires and floods, so it’s fantastic to know we have the infrastructure that will  secure our water future.” 

The New Water Treatment Plant is currently making water to test all the components functionality and will be run over the next three weeks for proof of performance testing.