Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Local artists who are looking to improve their skills, learn new techniques and broaden their artistic horizons can now apply for a $3000 bursary through the New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM).

The Helen Dangar Memorial Art Bursary has just opened for 2023 entries with the application round closing on October 15. 

Helen Dangar (1944-2015) was an accomplished academic at the University of New England and teacher who taught French at NEGS for 20 years. 

Helen was very passionate about art, music and literature and took a great interest in the artistic wellbeing of the Armidale community. The bursary celebrates her contribution and creates a lasting memorial to a much-missed person who gave so much energy and vitality to NERAM and the cultural life of Armidale and the wider region.

“Over the six years that the Helen Dangar Memorial Bursary has been presented at NERAM, New England artists have been given vital support to travel nationally and internationally to engage in a range of creative workshops, residencies and professional development,” said NERAM director Rachael Parsons.

“These opportunities have led to these artists making new work, developing professional and creative skills, presenting exhibitions, facilitating workshops and establishing professional networks and collaborations. 

“It has been thrilling to see what our local artist have been able to achieve with the support of the bursary and the positive impact it has had on nurturing New England’s arts landscape. 

“I strongly encourage all artists in New England to put in a submission for the bursary, whatever stage of your arts career you are in. Look at upcoming opportunities that will have an impact on your practice and just go for it!”

James O’Hanlon was the 2022 recipient of the Helen Dangar Memorial Bursary and he used it to help fund a residency at Nobby’s Head lighthouse in Newcastle.

“It’s hard to think of a more idyllic space for creativity than the heritage listed lighthouse I was privileged to spend a week in,” said James. 

“The aim of my bursary supported project was to develop my skills in narrative illustration and work towards putting together an illustrated story. My residency was the perfect opportunity to focus on putting some of these lessons into practice and put together some finished illustrations to accompany a children’s book manuscript that I have written.

“This manuscript, along with the illustrations that I completed as part of my residency is now in the process of being submitted to publishers and literary agents for consideration.”

The Helen Dangar Memorial Art Bursary was established by NERAM and its supporters in 2017 to help local artists advance in their chosen career path. It has been established with funds donated for the purpose by Bill Dangar, the Dangar family and their friends and colleagues.

Applications can be found at www.neram.com.au/helen-dangar-bursary/

Top image: Helen Dangar Bursary recipient for 2022 was Armidale artist James O’Hanlon with Bill Dangar and NERAM director Rachael Parsons.

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