Mon. May 27th, 2024

The Northern Tablelands Group of Knitters’ Guild NSW is gearing up for one of their informative and exciting member talks tonight.

The group, which has been active in the region for several years now, draws from the wealth of knowledge and talent in its numbers. This month Cath Woof will be taking the stage to talk about colour, and how it works together to complement your yarn work.

“Ms Woof has a vast knowledge of textile experience from decades of work in the industry as a scientist, wool classer and spinner and dyer,” said Jane Lally from the Northern Tablelands Group.

“Ms Woof is also well known in the region for producing the highly prized angora wool and for her divine self-made jumpers that she is often spotted wearing.”

The talk will be held on Wednesday the 12th of July at 7 pm at the Mill Bistro within the Armidale Ex-Services Club on Dumaresq Street. Attendees are invited to arrive any time from 6 pm to enjoy a social meal and a drink before the meeting and talk officially begins at 7 pm. 

As always, new members and visitors are very welcome.

The talks are described by Ms Lally as “short and informal” but provide members and visitors alike the opportunity to learn more about their craft and how to advance their skill set.

If you’re wondering what other talks are coming up for the rest of the year, Ms Lally tells us, “For this and other meetings this year the Knitters Guild NSW Northern Tablelands members are using their favourite knitting, crochet and yarn books as talking points.”

“Our members have an amazing skill set – we have one who owned a yarn store and still does contract work for Australia’s biggest family-owned craft store, an expert in organising, a frontline health worker who crochets to relieve stress, a scientist who specialises in sheep, a teacher and a home economics teacher.”

This highly varied set of skills and backgrounds present in the Guild’s members also manifests in a variety of different interests and activities throughout the year, both individually and as a group.

Ms Lally tells us they have members currently engaged in a Tour De France knitting challenge (see hashtags #CouchPelaton and #TourCraft on Twitter), some are learning about the knitting and crocheting of Olympian Tom Daley, and others are following famous American designer and knitter Stephen West in a mystery sock-a-long.

The Group also just delivered some hand-knitted garments to Tamworth for their upcoming Homeless Connect Day.

With lots more in the pipeline for the Guild for the rest of 2023, there’ll be a lot to keep up with! To follow the Northern Tablelands Knitters’ Guild, and find out more about joining, you can join their Facebook Group. You can also follow some of their activities over on Instagram by looking up #kgnswnt

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