Sun. May 19th, 2024

Perennially popular with sewers of all ages, quilting seems to be the hobby that continues to thrive. Whether you’ve been quilting for a while now, or are just wanting to start out, Armidale’s House of Jackson is now offering a range of classes to help you perfect your technique or learn something new.

Jackson Cook, owner of House of Jackson, has been passionate about his craft since he was a young boy.

“I remember I desperately wanted this lumberjack style hat, so I asked Nan to make me one, and as I watched her sew, I just knew it was something I wanted to try,” Mr Cook said.

“She laughed at me at first, but I was determined and soon I’d perfected it and was making hats for my friends.”

From here Mr Cook was hooked and he kept pursuing sewing initially as a hobby, before moving on to market stalls and then, in 2021 he got serious and purchased his first longarm quilting machine.

He now owns and runs House of Jackson on Marsh Street in Armidale and provides enthusiasts locally and abroad not only with his own beautifully handcrafted quilts but also with patterns and selected quilting supplies.

Now he is very pleased to be able to offer group classes to the community.

“I was predominantly self-taught, so I think it really great to be able to offer classes to small groups,” he said.

“So far we’ve offered some Jan Clark textile art classes, as well as patchworking.”

The most recent class offered was a unique technique known as English paper piecing.

“We made a pincushion using this very old, traditional technique.”

“It’s become a lot more sophisticated now but essentially you hand sew fabric scraps onto your paper templates and then at the end, you remove the paper and get this beautiful little pincushion.”

Kim Carruthers has attended two of Mr Cook’s classes so far and says that he has a lot to offer the community.

“I’ve attended the Jan Clark Free Motion Sewing Class, and the English Paper Piecing Class.”

“On both classes I was worried that it would be too hard or just wasn’t for me but on both occasions, the workshops have just opened new worlds for me,” says Ms Carruthers.

“Jackson is offering a side of quilting that I think most people will have never seen before. And, being a young person himself, I think he’s a great inspiration for our youth.”

Ms Carruthers says that these classes are very much for everyone.

“Jackson has made his workshops just so easy and accessible for anyone. Everything I’ve learned and put into practice has been exceptionally satisfying and I also think, as a pastime, quilting is excellent for your mental health.”

If you’re interested in attending one of Mr Cook’s classes, he tells us that most of the classes can be suited to all levels of quilting ability but that he does plan to have some dedicated beginner classes on the schedule very soon. He also offers private lessons.

For more information regarding House of Jackson, and any of their upcoming workshops, visit their website.

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