Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

While many Westpac branches are closing, the Armidale branch has been spared from the chopping block, but will be moving in to ‘co-locate’ with St George.

Concern was raised about the Westpac Bank Armidale Branch closing, particularly given the position of the building in a key position on the corner of Beardy and Faulkner streets, and the news from other New England centres like Moree of their bank branch closures. However, Westpac have confirmed the branch is not closing, just moving down the mall to be co-located at the current St George site in the main mall.

Westpac acquired St George Bank in 2008. A spokesperson for Westpac Group said co-location of Westpac and St George branches is part of their strategy.

“Our Westpac and St. George teams will be working together under one roof in Armidale from May 2023.”

“Co-locations are an important part of our strategy, bringing two branches together under one roof to maintain a strong presence for both brands, ensuring our customers will continue to have access to all the services they have today, supported by the same people.”

“Our new Westpac and St. George Armidale co-location branch will open at the site of our current St.George branch at 155 Beardy Street,” the spokesperson said.

As for the building, a beautiful heritage building constructed in 1935, it is not owned by Westpac. It will be up to the landlords to determine the next tenants. While great efforts of local organisation Renew Armidale and other local leaders have returned life to the centre mall which is now almost completely full, the East End Mall remains largely shuttered with other significant spaces, including Hanna’s and the old Sevens building, remaining empty for years.

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