Mon. May 20th, 2024

NSW members of federal Parliament, including local Member for New England Barnaby Joyce, scarfed up for scouting recently at an event in Parliament House.

Fostering greater connection between Parliament and Scouts NSW, the ‘Scarf Up For Scouting’ event saw elected leaders presented with Scouts NSW supporter scarves and badges. The event also presented the opportunity for younger local Scouts to visit Parliament House, connect with the elected representatives of their communities and learn more about government. Scouts from 1st Murrumbateman Scout Unit and 1st Bungendore Scout Unit were present.

“Scarf Up For Scouting is a fantastic initiative for Scouts NSW to connect with our elected leaders and also give our Scouts the opportunity to learn more about parliament and meet with their local representatives,” said Neville Tomkins OAM JP, Chief Commissioner, Scouts NSW.

“Leadership, teamwork, courage, and resilience are skills our elected leaders possess. Scouts NSW is proud that these same skills are developed by youth members which holds them in good stead to contribute to Australia’s future.”

Meg Cummins, Scouts NSW’s Assistant Chief Commissioner for Youth Engagement, noted that the event is an ideal way for Scouts to become more aware of Australia’s democratic processes and understand how they can play a part in designing their own future.

“This is a critical opportunity for our Senators and Members of the Parliament to inspire and empower our Scouts to see the change they can impart among their community.”

“It’s also an essential opportunity for our young leaders to share the difference they are making at a local level with our elected members and tell the story of our newest generation of leaders.”

A fellow co-Master of Ceremonies Mitchell Rath, Region Commissioner – Scouts (Sydney North) said Scouting is the leading youth organisation around the world.

“As a full-time school teacher and Regional Commissioner, I appreciate the educational context that Scouts brings to children and young adults.”

“Scouts develops their initiative, leadership skills and resilience and I see the Scouts demonstrate this in the community and beyond.”

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