Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Today is Thank Your Pharmacist Day, when politicians, healthcare professionals, and the public are asked to thank their local pharmacists for their dedication to improving the health of our communities.

This Thank Your Pharmacist Day is spotlighting just some of the Every Day Heroes who work tirelessly to maintain accessible frontline primary care. The role of pharmacists has been increasing in recent years, both in response to the challenges of the GP crisis and the extraordinary role they played, and continue to play, in managing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) National President Dr Fei Sim FPS thanked pharmacists around Australia for their tireless work, and encouraged others to do so too.  

“Every single pharmacist is a hero,” Dr Sim said.

Thank Your Pharmacist Day is an opportunity for communities to come together and celebrate the hard work and dedication of all pharmacists.”

“I have spent the last twelve months meeting hundreds of pharmacists from around Australia who all share a passion for healthcare and have dedicated their lives to improving the health of their communities.”

“Pharmacists are the first port of call for many people seeking health advice or care. We are well-positioned to support our patients to seek the right help, whether it is through a community pharmacy, GP, or hospital.”

“Without pharmacists, health care would not be the same. This Thursday, tell your local pharmacist how you value their care. Say thank you in person, or online using #ThankYourPharmacistDay

Read more about Thank Your Pharmacist Day and our Every Day Heroes by visiting www.psa.org.au/thankyourpharmacist