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A free public health talk on perimenopause will be held in Inverell on the 18th of February hosted by a hormonal consultant, naturopath and author Kim Piper.

The session will cover how to recognise the signs and symptoms and give some tips on how best to manage them. ‘Kim the Naturopath’ is the author of Woman to Woman – Managing your hormones safely and naturally.

“Perimenopause is a strange time in a woman’s life as it brings both subtle and growing changes. Most women don’t realise they are in perimenopause,” Kim said.

Perimenopause is the lead-up to a woman’s final menstrual period, the menopause. Perimenopause can cause symptoms similar to, or even more intense, than those of menopause, and is a very challenging time for many women. It can start as early as the mid-thirties and last until the mid-fifties, but is unique to each woman. Perimenopause is when hormones start to alter in their daily and monthly rhythms.

“Hormones are impacted by daily stresses, nutrition, minerals, sleep, foods, adrenal stress, low thyroid performance and much more,” Kim said.

“These changes can include sleep pattern disturbances, weight gain when the diet hasn’t altered in any way, irregular menstrual cycle, worsening PMT, bloating, fatigue and a general feeling of flatline “blah” where feeling the joy of life is an effort.”

“Hot flushes in the late forties early fifties is one of the most common symptoms that not only reflect a lowering of both estrogen and progesterone hormone levels but also of stress and adrenal overdrive issues.”

Kim says in the session she explains what is happening and how to temper these symptoms by addressing key areas of health management. Her aim is to connect the dots, explain what perimenopause means for most, the challenges during this age from 35 to 55 years, and some guidelines for women to take home and start using.

“A lack of sleep broken by the hot flushes will make those hot flushes worse the next night, so cycles need to be broken and put back together differently so flushes decrease then disappear,” Kim explained.

“We don’t get taught any of this at school… nothing about our bodies, how they work, what effect the Pill has on our hormonal health, etcetera.”

The 90 minute presentation will be held at the Inverell Shire Public Library on Saturday, the 18th of February, 2023, starting at 4.15pm.

Booking are essential: call or text 0412 496 125 to book your place, or visit http://www.kimthenaturopath.com/

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