Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

A more sustainable, connected and efficient transport network is the aim of the draft Tamworth Integrated Transport Plan, now open for community feedback.

With a goal to reduce the level of dependency on travelling by private vehicle, a key aspect of this plan is to develop and improve the walking and cycling paths.

Tamworth Regional Council and Transport for NSW have worked in partnership to develop this plan, which focuses on what is required to enable a functional transport network as we continue to grow. This includes public transport services, active transport networks, intersection upgrades, corridor upgrades and new road linkages.

The success of the plan is reliant on working closely with Transport for NSW, and recognising that the majority of key transport infrastructure in the Tamworth Local Government Area intersects with the State Road Network.

NSW Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, Jenny Aitchison said “The NSW Labor Government is building better communities through more connected transport networks across the state and we’re pleased to be working with Tamworth Regional Council on a plan for the future”.

Tamworth Regional Council’s Senior Transport Engineer Nicholas Smith acknowledges the work that has been done to align this plan with existing strategies.

Mr Smith said “There’s been a lot of work placed into this plan so it meets the transport needs of the community into the future, aligning closely with our Blueprint 100 vision and also Transport for NSW’s Future Transport Strategy”.

Council will seek future grant opportunities to help fund some of the proposals which are necessary in creating better connections across the city and wider region in the coming decades.

“There are many aspects to this plan, one of which is to better connect active transport paths between the CBD and residential areas, so people have the option to get to work or move around the city in a more active way”, said Mr Smith.

Some of the proposed major active transport projects include a Hills Plain walking and cycling loop, Calala to CBD walking and cycling connection, and a Kootingal to Moonbi walking and cycling connection.

Some of the major road upgrades include a Moore Creek Road upgrade, Jewry Street upgrade and a western freight link.

“Community input is vital as it will help us understand the top road and transport priorities and areas of greatest need so I encourage all residents to share their feedback on the plan” said Minister Aitchison.

The community can give their feedback on the plan and its inclusions until 5pm Wednesday 3 July, 2024.

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