Sun. May 26th, 2024

Council wishes to advise residents of Mungindi that Level 5 Water Restrictions need to be implemented from Monday 22 April 2024 for a period of two (2) weeks until Midnight Sunday 5 May 2024.

With planned maintenance work required at Council’s Water Treatment Plant in Mungindi, all residents and commercial users are requested to only use essential water.

Residents are encouraged to green up their lawns/gardens prior to the restrictions taking effect.

As of 1am, Monday 22 April 2024 level 5 water restrictions will be in place.  

Level 5 Restrictions

•            External Watering banned

•            Washing of vehicles banned

•            Washing down of paved surfaces banned

•            Swimming pool filling banned

•            Showers to be kept to less than 5 minutes.

These water restrictions will apply until midnight, Sunday 05 May 2024, pending completion of works.

During this time 100% bore water will be in use. Irrigation by alternate water sources will not be affected by these restrictions.

The Mungindi community will be kept up to date on any changes to these restrictions. With a review of progress of work and community usage to be carried out after one (1) week.

General Manager Kelvin Tytherleigh informed “These restrictions are a positive step as we upgrade the filtration system and I urge all Mungindi community members to adhere to these restrictions for this period”.

If residents of Mungindi have any questions about these restrictions, they are encouraged to contact Council directly (02) 6757 3222.

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