Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Construction of a new 10 megalitre water reservoir in the Tamworth region has been successfully completed and is now operational on Peppercorn Lane, Moore Creek. This milestone marks a significant enhancement in water storage infrastructure, ensuring the community’s growing needs are met.

Standing tall at 11 meters with a diameter of 36 meters, the reservoir’s construction was an impressive feat. The process involved laying a sturdy base concrete slab followed by the meticulous placement of 24 precast concrete panels, each weighing a 35 tonnes.

“The Hills Plains area was identified as requiring additional water storage due to the considerable recent growth and development in the area.” said Daniel Coe, Manager of Water and Environmental Operations.

In addition to the new reservoir, a new water pump station was also constructed on Bilboa Way to supply water to the existing 5 megalitre Hills Plains Reservoir. The project also included modifications of the existing water pump station at Victoria Park, adjacent to the Botanic gardens to allow water to be pump from this site to the new reservoir.

An investment into our community’s future, this project cost  $7.3 million to complete.

This new infrastructure directly aligns with Council’s strategic plan Blueprint 100, with one of the priority themes being to ‘Deliver durable infrastructure including raw water’.

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