Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

The MG Car Club of Sydney will hold the annual MG National Meeting in Tamworth from March 29 – April 2nd 2024. In a special milestone event this year, the club will also be celebrating 100 years of the beloved motoring brand and locals are more than welcome to get involved in the action and appreciation.

Ros Bastian, who has been a member of the MG Car Club of Syndey for nearly 40 years tells us that this is the second time Tamworth has been chosen as a hosting town for the National Meeting.

“The MG Club of Syndey has now hosted seven national meetings since 1970, this will be our eight and our second meeting in Tamworth, with our last visit being in 2008,” says Ms Bastian, “We are looking forward to returning for what will be a very memorable Centenary event.”

“Tamworth offers MG drivers fabulous country roads, superbly suited to all MGs and, in particular, to our older models,’ she says, “As well, it offers us beautiful scenery, terrific facilities for our sporting and social activities and a warm welcome.”

The event forms a piece of what is a busy calendar of meetings and tours for NSW club members.

Hosting of the National Meeting rotates throughout the clubs of Australia but is always held on Easter weekend and draws MG owners from all around the country. The weekend promises a full schedule of events including motorkhana and speed events, touring, a concours d’elegance, lunches and even a B & S themed country ball.

All MG owners across the nation are welcome to register to participate in the whole weekend, however if you’re just a local car enthusiast and would like to come down and see the vehicles on display, Ms Bastian says spectators are very much invited to some of the events.

“We would be delighted if people could join us for the Concours at Cross Park and there are definitely opportunities for people to view the Motorkhana events at Gunnedah,” says Ms Bastian.

The Concours will be held on Saturday March 30 from 9.30am – 2.30pm in Cross Park, Tamworth and will feature a special display of all models of MG from pre-war through to more recent vehicles.

And for those wondering what a motorkhana is, Ms Bastian says, “The Motorkhana requires drivers to complete three complex runs – including a slalom and a twisting and turning series of loops which must be completed in a set sequence. This sometimes proves to be confusingly frustrating and hilarious!”

The motorkhana will be held on Sunday April 31st at the Gunnedah airstrip and will start from 7am.

For any local MG owners who are interested in being a part of the whole weekend, registration is still open, and all the details are available on the MG Nat Meet website.

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