Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

UNE Life will commence a 12-month process to seek a new operator for Armidale’s Belgrave Cinema.

UNE Life has announced that it will not renew the lease of Belgrave Cinema when it expires in February 2025, a move that opens the door to new operator for Armidale’s cinema.

Over the next 12 months, UNE Life will work with its stakeholders and the owner of the building, Ex Services Memorial Club, to find a successor to operate the Cinema.

UNE Life has overseen Belgrave Cinema with a deep commitment to the community and an enduring passion for cinema for 30 years.

David Schmude, Chief Executive Officer of UNE Life, said “We are committed to working closely with our stakeholders and the building owners, the Armidale Ex-Services Memorial Club, to find new operators who are committed to delivering for our community.

“The search for a successor is underway, with UNE Life prioritising candidates who embody the love of film that has long been synonymous with the Belgrave experience,” Mr Schmude said.

UNE Life is committed to a seamless and successful transition, ensuring the cinema remains a pillar of local culture and entertainment.

“We invite the community to join us in supporting the transition. UNE Life extends their thanks to staff, stakeholders, and the community for their understanding and support through this time of change and welcomes contributions from all who are invested in the future of local cinema,” he said.

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