Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Roof repairs at the Tamworth Regional Craft Centre Inc. are well underway, giving local craftspeople and creatives confidence that their much-loved craft shed will serve them well into the future.

Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson said the former Government had provided a $44,200 grant from the Community building Partnerships fund to fix the roof, with work undertaken by local builder Col Scott Constructions.

“The Tamworth Regional Craft Centre is an outstanding community asset, giving local artists and creatives a home in which they can practice and perfect their hobby or their trade,” Mr Anderson said.

“From woodturners to artists, potters, and weavers – there’s a home for anyone at the Tamworth Regional Craft Centre and I know how important that outlet is for those who work out of the centre.

“The centre is more than a place to create, it’s a place to connect to the wider community, a place to build social cohesion, and a place to improve mental health and contribute to the community.

“The centre has been serving the community well for decades, but with an ageing structure comes a need for upkeep and recent rain events have resulted in some flooding through the roof.

“That’s why it was important that I work with the craft centre to let them know when any grant opportunities became available.

“It’s great news that the craft centre put in a grant application under the Community Building Partnerships program and were successful.

“Work has been underway to fix the roof, undertaken by a local builder, which is a win-win for Tamworth.

“I congratulate the Tamworth Regional Craft Centre on achieving this fantastic win and look forward to any future opportunities to support them in their endeavours.” 

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