Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Tamworth Regional Council is urging residents to carefully consider the lifelong commitment that comes with adding a furry friend to the family before getting a pet as a gift.

While the joy of giving is synonymous with Christmas, Council emphasises that pets are not mere presents; they are lifetime companions that require thoughtful consideration. Council’s Director of Liveable Communities, Gina Vereker is a dog owner herself and wants to ensure that people remember the realities of owning and caring for a pet.

“Pets are a long-term commitment. They require time, effort, and money. Purchasing a pet isn’t something anyone should rush into, potential pet owners need to take time to seriously consider the responsibilities associated with pet ownership before making a final decision”, said Ms. Vereker.

Council’s Companion Animal Centre has been at capacity for most of 2023 and there is concern that extra strain will be placed on the Centre following the Christmas period due to pets being received as unwanted gifts, and new pets not being secured appropriately in their new homes and backyards.

Ms. Vereker would encourage anyone who has considered all aspects of getting a pet and has decided to proceed to consider adoption.

“Three in every five homes across Australia have at least one pet and we have excellent facilities across the Tamworth region for pet owners, so we appreciate that pet ownership is very desirable for residents”, said Ms. Vereker.

“We have some wonderful pets available for adoption at Paws for Life. The facility will be open normal operating hours until Friday 22 December and then on Saturday 23 December and Saturday 30 December it will be open from 9am to 2pm to give people the opportunity to adopt their new companion.”

No appointments will be available on weekdays during the Council shut-down period at Paws for Life. Council’s Companion Animal Centre will be closed to the public from 23 December to 2 January.

Council’s rangers  team will be on-call over the Christmas period to help keep residents, visitors, and animals safe during the holidays. Residents are encouraged to utilise the MyTRC app or contact 02 6767 5555 to report any roaming animals.

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