Mon. May 20th, 2024

Arts North West has announced the recipients of their Quick Response Micro Grants for 2023.

This  funding program is designed to boost the arts and cultural landscape of our region. These flexible  microgrants aim to support local independent professional artists, community groups, and arts organisations  by providing them with up to $1,000 to make their creative ideas a reality. 

The Arts North West Microgrant recipients for 2023 exemplify the diversity and talent within our region, with  each submitting a unique and inspiring project that will contribute and benefit to the communities. This year  22 Quick Response Micro Grants have been awarded to individuals, groups, and community organisations  with over $20,000 worth of funds distributed across the region.  

This year’s Arts North West Quick Response Micro Grants recipients are: 

• Tamworth Community Ceramics – Kylie Lamph (Tamworth LGA) 

• CWA of NSW Weemelah Branch – Libby McPhee (Moree LGA) 

• Dhiiyaan Aboriginal Centre – (Moree LGA) 

• Sound and Soul Music – Athol Munro (Tamworth LGA) 

• Indigico Creative Studio – Amy Allerton (Tamworth LGA) 

• Gunnedah Pottery Club – Louise Chad (Gunnedah LGA) 

• Phoebe Hillard (Armidale LGA) 

• Jody Ekert – Hey Vernon Project (Tamworth LGA) 

• Yinarr Maramali – Amy Hammond (Tamworth LGA) 

• Maryanne Piper – Music Region New England North West (Tamworth LGA) 

• Carmen Ronald (Liverpool Plains LGA) 

• Tamworth Art Academy – Danny Stanley (Tamworth LGA) 

• Christopher Purcell – Firebirds, a community choir (Armidale LGA) 

• Janna Hayes (Glen Innes Severn LGA) 

• Ngurrambaa – Kayleb Waters (Tamworth LGA)

• The Moree Arts Community Centre – Dr. Mojgan Habibi (Moree LGA) 

• Sonia Lawson (Glen Innes Severn LGA) 

• Lizzie Horne (Armidale LGA) 

• The Musicians of Armidale Inc – David Carr (Armidale LGA) 

• Music With AIM – Amy Schultz (Liverpool Plains LGA) 

• Jada Fields (Glen Innes Severn LGA) 

• Narrabri Music Appreciation Group – Judith Watson (Narrabri LGA) 

Arts North West wishes to congratulate the recipients, whose creativity and passion for the arts and cultural  practices continue to enrich our communities. We would also like to thank all those who applied for this  round of Quick Response Micro Grants; we received an overwhelming number of submissions and had some  difficult decisions to make.  

Arts North West releases funding opportunities periodically throughout the year. All updates are released on  our website and fortnightly newsletter.  

Top image: works at the Dhiiyaan Aboriginal Centre (supplied)

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