Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Tamworth residents in need of urgent care for non-life-threatening medical conditions can now access fully bulk-billed treatment following the opening of the new Medicare Urgent Care Clinic. 

Northwest Health’s East Tamworth Medical Centre in Marius Street now features a Medicare UCC  co-located within its Medical Centre. 

The Tamworth Medicare UCC will operate extended business hours, accept walk-in patients, and  provide bulk-billed services resulting in no out-of-pocket cost to the patient when they have an  urgent, but not life threatening, need for care. 

Urgent care is when you need medical attention for an illness or injury that can be managed without  a trip to the emergency department but cannot wait for a regular appointment with a GP. 

Acute episodic care and treatment will be provided for injuries and ailments such as basic bone  fractures, cuts and abrasions requiring suturing, minor burns, gastroenteritis, UTIs, STIs, infections of  the ear, nose, throat and eye, insect and animal bites, and respiratory tract infections. 

HNECC Primary Health Network Chief Executive Officer Richard Nankervis said the Tamworth  Medicare UCC will accept walk-in and online appointments Monday to Friday, 12pm to 8pm and  Saturday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm. 

“The PHN is thrilled to partner with Northwest Health to provide the Tamworth community an  alternative primary health care service that will help ease the pressure on the local Emergency  Department,” he said. 

“Northwest Health has been providing primary care to the region since 2006. It’s team of GPs,  practice nurses, management and support staff provide a professional and caring environment to  deliver high quality, best practice general medicine to families and individuals.” 

“The PHN welcomes the commitment made by Northwest Health to ensure the people of Tamworth  and the region have access to urgent care services when they need them.” 

The clinic is part of the Australian Government’s commitment to establish 58 Medicare UCCs across  Australia, including 14 in New South Wales. 

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