Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

NSW Grandparents Day on 29 October is a great opportunity to celebrate the grandmas and grandpas, grans, nans and grandpas.

Minister for Seniors Jodie Harrison said no matter what names we give our grandparents, they all make a tremendous contribution to family life.

“Grandparents play a special role in many NSW families, supporting busy mums and dads with the family juggle, teaching valuable life lessons to their grandchildren and keeping families connected,” Minister Harrison said.

“We should ensure we are celebrating grandparents every day of the year, but Grandparents Day is a particularly great time to acknowledge their past, present and future contribution to their families and communities.

“Others in our families or communities may sometimes also play the role of grandparents in our lives and they too should be celebrated on this day.”

This year, with funding provided by the NSW Government, the NSW Public Libraries Association has invited libraries across the state to host events to mark Grandparents Day.

“There are many activities on offer this weekend in libraries across the state, or you could simply curl up with a good book together,” Minister Harrison added.

“Grandparents hold a unique place in our families so I encourage families to take this opportunity to spend some quality time with your older loved one this Grandparents Day.”

A number of local events are being held today, including at:

  • Dhiiyaan Aboriginal Centre 
  • Moree Plains Library 
  • Mungindi Community Hub 

For ideas on ways to celebrate and which local library is hosting events for Grandparents Day, visit www.nsw.gov.au/grandparents-day.