Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Eloura Residential Aged Care facility, operated by Quirindi Care Services (QCS), has achieved a remarkable 4-star rating under the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s star rating system.

The introduction of the star rating system following the Aged Care Royal Commission has been a driving force for QCS. Its entire team has been unwavering in their commitment to achieving a four or five-star rating.

The star rating system evaluates various categories, and QCS is dedicated to continually enhancing our services across these domains. Resident interviews and quality indicators are some of the critical components that contribute to the rating, assisting the organisation to identify areas for improvement that are important to residents and their families.

General Manager of QCS Kim Riley said the rating is a testament to the quality staff employed at the facility.

“QCS has made substantial investments in our staff. We have recruited five people under the Pacific Island Labour Mobility Scheme to increase our staffing level to ensure we provide quality care.

“Additionally, we are committed to being the employer of choice within our community,” Kim said.

The Board and management of QCS recognise that the exceptional staff play a pivotal role in reaching and maintaining this high standard. In recognition of this, QCS provide bonuses to staff each quarter when a rating of 4-star rating or above, is attained. This reflects the vital role staff play in helping QCS realise its vision and mission.

“As of May 2023, only thirty-nine percent of facilities nationwide achieved a four-star rating, which makes this achievement at QCS’s Eloura facility truly remarkable,” Kim said.

“However, we remain steadfast in our commitment to meeting all our residents’ expectations, not just those covered by the star rating system.”

Quirindi Care Services extends its heartfelt gratitude to all residents, their families, and dedicated staff for their unwavering support on this remarkable journey towards excellence in aged care.

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