Mon. May 27th, 2024

They’ve created a lot of chatter on the socials and views are mixed, but the operators of the eScooter trial in Armidale are happy with how things are going so far.

Over 5,000 kilometres has been ridden on Beam’s purple e-scooters across the week of operations in Armidale. The average distance travelled over each trip is 2 kms, with Armidale riders riding over 555 hours across 2,600 trips. E-scooter usage was highest from 3pm – 5pm during the week, with e-scooter usage peaking between 5 – 9 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and Sunday afternoon from 4pm. 

Beam’s NSW Operations Lead, Ned Dale, said they’re really pleased with the first week. 

“It’s early days, but we’re excited about the early data showing potential for shared micromobility to provide transport connections to residents and visitors in Armidale, and replace trips that would otherwise be taken in a car.” 

“The vast majority of riders are doing the right thing, and we’re pleased to see riders engaging with our Beam Safe Academy and following the rules.”

Alas, not all riders are doing the right thing.

“However, our three-strikes policy is in place and riders face penalties, suspension and permanent bans for bad riding and parking offences, so we want to remind all riders to be following the road rules on every trip.”

“Our team on the ground is particularly keeping an eye out for those riding without a helmet, riding on the footpath and parking incorrectly, and we’re working closely with the police to enforce offences such as drink riding and underaged riding.” 

“We want riders to know that riding and parking safely is their responsibility, and that our team is out there enforcing the rules.”

Beam’s flagship rider education and enforcement program, the Beam Safe Academy, is in place 24/7, including:

  • A pre-trip in-app safety briefing for every rider, featuring instructions on how to park and ride safely
  • An in-app Beam Safety Quiz educating riders on the riding rules, with free credits offered to encourage rider education
  • Half Beam mode for new riders, featuring reduced acceleration for novice riders’ early trips
  • A three-strikes policy, with riders facing suspension and risking financial penalties for bad riding and parking offences. Those caught riding dangerously or breaking the law face permanent bans. 

The Armidale riding rules can be found here.

No comment on how many have wound up in the creek in the first week.

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