Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Residents are being asked to share their firsthand experience of dangerous or damaging stormwater runoff and to give feedback on Tamworth Regional Council’s draft Urban Stormwater Management Plans for the region.

Stormwater is runoff from rainfall. In urban areas, it is captured by a series of pits and then taken underground through pipes and culverts. Stormwater may also travel as surface flow in open drains, roadways, natural channels and overland flow paths. As stormwater travels over the landscape, it can become contaminated with litter and other pollutants.

TRC’s stormwater management endeavours to protect both people and property from adverse flooding risks, minimise environmental impacts, and recognise stormwater as a valuable resource.

Councils are responsible for maintaining effective public stormwater systems to drain urban catchments in line with NSW Government Office of Local Government requirements. TRC says meeting the stormwater management needs of the growing Tamworth community in a changing climate is critical to achieving the community’s vision in Tamworth Regional Blueprint 100 to ‘Protect local waterways and minimise stormwater pollution’.

“The plans aim is to identify and prioritise options for improving the management of stormwater quality and reduce impacts of excess runoff during storm events,” said Senior Stormwater Engineer Aiden Pugh.

As part of the review of the plans, Council extends an invitation to the community to contribute their feedback.

“As the community grows the needs of our community evolve too. The Urban Stormwater Management Plans will identify future capital works and recommend specific actions to address some of the objectives set in Blueprint 100 and other Council documents, offering a cohesive, strategic approach to stormwater management in the region,” said Mr Pugh.

To view the draft plans and provide feedback, visit https://haveyoursay.tamworth.nsw.gov.au/
before Tuesday 26 September 2023.

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