Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

The Tamworth community has been quick to offer work for 20 people who lost their job after Australia Post decided to end its contract with local freight company General Freight Express.

The Tamworth company has held the Australia Post contract for seven years and tendered to continue the service which includes the delivery of around 2000 packages a day. But this week the company was advised its bid was not successful.

General Freight Express Director Shirley Lockwood says she is most disappointed for her staff.

“They say you shouldn’t get attached in business but I am attached, especially to my staff,” Mrs Lockwood said.

The company is a disability employer and provided employment for three locals who live with a disability under the contract. Most of the 20 employees who no longer have a job, have found other work.

Mrs Lockwood says the community has been great in getting behind her former workers.   

“Everyone has been offering them work. One guy was offered three jobs yesterday and Tamworth council sent me its vacant jobs link to share,” she said.

The freight company still holds contracts with StarTrack, Allied Express and Vallex and will continue to operate with five employees.

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