Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Are you looking for ideas to save energy at home, create beautiful spaces to live in, adapt or extend your present house or just to meet other locals and see how they’ve incorporated sustainable ideas into their house or renovation?

Sustainable Living Armidale (SLA) is holding its sixth Sustainable House Tour, an opportunity to look at a range of local houses, showcasing a variety of sustainable features, and have conversations with their owners and with each other.

There are eight houses this year, grouped by location, so on Saturday 6th May you can visit two houses in Uralla, one in Invergowrie, and one in Kentucky. On Sunday 7th May there are four houses to visit in Armidale.

Four of the houses are relatively new, each with unique features; two more could be described as recycled – the basic structure and footprint of each house retained, but major re-building incorporating recycled elements. There’s a modern extension to an historic cottage, and a second storey on a small granny flat.

To get on the self-guided tour you need to buy the Sustainable House Tour Booklet in advance, from Boobooks in the Armidale Mall; Armidale Outdoors, Rusden Street, or Little Birdy, 38 Hill Street, Uralla. Booklets are $20, for a car full of people.  

Opening times are set out in the booklet, together with details of each house, mud maps to locate the eight houses, plus short articles on aspects of sustainability.

Top image: a stained glass window from one of the houses open this weekend.

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