Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Youth in the Tamworth Region have spent the Autumn School holidays soaking up a range of exciting events held by Tamworth Regional Council.

Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson has announced that those activities were funded by a portion of a $50,000 grant from the NSW Government’s Children and Young People Wellbeing Recovery fund, launching Council’s Youth Wellness Program for 2023.

In addition to the events already held, Tamworth Region Youth Mayor Chloe-Lee Opie announced that Tamworth Regional Youth Council would be kicking off a range of activities to celebrate Youth Week 2023 with $4,636 in funding made available from the Department of Communities and Justice.

“NSW Youth Week is important for us, as representatives of our community, to highlight and promote ways to keep young people connected, while giving them opportunities to learn and grow,” Ms Opie said.

Mr Anderson added that the Youth Council’s series of events were exactly what the Government’s Children and Youth People Wellbeing Recovery Initiative was designed for.

“The NSW Government’s children and Young People Wellbeing Recovery Initiative was designed to improve access to programs and resources to help youth people recover, build resilience, strengthen community networks and improve mental health and wellbeing,” Mr Anderson said.

“Our communities have done it tough over the past few years going through drought, flood, fire, a pandemic and now a cost-of-living crisis.”

“That’s why, our Youth Council are launching their Youth Wellness Series and Youth Week activities, leading the conversation, and putting on activities that will arm our youth with the skills of resilience, the strength to stand up to bullying, the power of perspective, and the benefits of good decision making.”

“This is about making sure out youth people are heard, making sure they have a voice, and most importantly, making sure they feel listened to through the tough times.”

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