Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

The new Premier may have been sworn in – without the majority that was expected on election night – but the vote counting continues today at the NSW Electoral Commission.

More than 466,000 postal votes in total for the 2023 NSW State election after the deadline to return postal votes at 6pm on Thursday. The counting of the remaining tranche of postal votes (progressive count 3) and the remaining tranche of declaration votes (progressive count 5) is scheduled to commence at 8.30am today.   

The order of these vote counts is provided in the ‘Other declaration votes to be counted’  table on the NSW Electoral Commission website here. This table also contains the projected number of votes to be counted.

No counting is scheduled for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Counting progress is available live through the Virtual tally room. 

On election night, it seemed as if Labor would win enough seats to form a majority government in its own right, however a number of seats have since swung out of their grasp. However, both Holsworthy and Terrigal were called for the Liberal party last weekend, taking the Coalition up to 35 seats, and keeping Labor one seat shy of majority government.

The vote continue for another 12 days yet with the final declaration scheduled for April 20.

Count timeline:

  • Wednesday, 12 April – Estimated completion of check counts for Legislative Assembly districts 
  • Thursday, 13 April – Estimated distribution of preferences for each district  
  • Friday, 14 April – Estimated declaration of results for each Legislative Assembly district 
  • Wednesday, 19 April – Estimated distribution of preferences for the Legislative Council
  • Thursday, 20 April – Estimated declaration of results for the Legislative Council  

For more information about the 2023 NSW State election, go to elections.nsw.gov.au or call 1300 135 736.

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