Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

As we reported last month, Tenterfield Taxis have ceased operations, leaving the town without public transport.

Various efforts are being made to ensure people can still get where they need to go, including a lot of informal lifts and community looking out for each other.

LiveBetter, a community service provider that supports the elderly and disabled in Tenterfield with a community bus service have been stepping up their services to meet the increase demand. They have begun a daily shuttle service between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday with a flat fee of $5 per trip.

In a letter to their clients who previously used taxi vouchers, LiveBetter have asked their clients to book a day in advance so they can accomodate as many people as possible.

They have also increased their shopping support services, with a Thursday service picking people up from home before dropping them at Coles at 9am, and then picking them up at 12 midday after they’ve done their shopping.

“If we need to provide services on additional days or an afternoon trip, we will,” the letter reads.

LiveBetter’s community bus service is made possible with the assistance of volunteer drivers. By law, they aren’t able to step in and provide a taxi service as they can’t be hailed on the street, which is why they ask people to book.

The organisation says they will continue these increased services throughout April, and review at the end of the month. They also say there is a search going on for a new taxi service.

Locals who are in need of the transport service but who aren’t currently community transport clients of LiveBetter are advised to call Vicki or Lyn in the office on 6736 2902.

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