Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

The Bingara District Historical Society (BDHS), in conjunction with the Gwydir Shire Council, is opening a dedicated military museum at the Bingara Historical Museum complex later this month.

BDHS has acquired additional floor space from the adjoining property, recently owned by the Salvation Army, to add to the already impressive scale of the museum complex which has been in operation for over 50 years. The Historical complex, which is one of several heritage-listed buildings in Bingara, dates right back to 1860 (originally built as the Bingara Post Office Hotel).

Other buildings on the grounds include the relocated Boonda subsidised school, and a blacksmith shop, where bushranger ‘Thunderbolt’ regularly visited to have his horse shod.  A substantial collection of various horse-drawn equipment and other farming implements can be found around the grounds. 

Bingara District Historical Society secretary Judi Peterson says the opening of the dedicated military wing is a wonderful addition to the museum and would not have been possible without the hard work of a small group of volunteers.

“We are very fortunate that the Gwydir Shire council purchased the space, otherwise all of the beautiful local historical memorabilia that you will see on display when you visit would have been kept stored away as there was simply no more room”.

“People have been donating items to the museum for years and we are excited about finally being able to have them together as a collection.”

“We have a little of a lot of everything on display including military items that date all the way to the Boer war and all the way up to the Afghanistan conflict.”  

A quick visit to the Bingara historical museum website will give you an indication that the museum has plenty to offer to those with even the faintest interest in local history.  The museum has been beautifully and meticulously curated and offers a fascinating glimpse back into the Gwydir’s colonial past.     

The grand opening of the military museum branch of the complex will be held on April 22, begining at 10am with morning tea. The official opening will be at 11am followed by entertainment at 11:30 am and a BBQ lunch at 12 Midday.  There will be stalls and displays throughout the museum grounds on the day.

For further information contact Judi on 0428 345 600 or email  bingaramuseum@gmail.com

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