Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Emmaville Central School, located in the New England region of New South Wales, has successfully hosted its first full-day cross country carnival. Despite being one of the smallest central schools in the state, the event attracted around 90 students from kindergarten to Year 12.

The all-day event included raffle prizes, catering, and novelty races. A highlight was the 100-metre thong sprint for parents, carers, and community members. The winner took home a voucher donated by Emmaville Tattersall’s Hotel, and also won canteen vouchers for the year group they represented – Year 5.

Students from Glen Innes West Infants School also joined the carnival as part of the collegiality between small schools in the area.

Emmaville Central School Sports Co-ordinator Joshua Barden said this year’s carnival was an opportunity to encourage more participation from students and the entire school community.

“Whole-school and inter-school events like these are great opportunities to strengthen relationships between schools and between parents, carers, and staff at our schools, which is paramount to success in any educational setting,” he said.

The carnival raised close to $700 for the student representative council through a raffle, which was drawn by Glen Innes Mayor Rob Banham. The funds will be used to improve the school community. Interested students can now go on to compete in the next stage.

Primary students will compete in the Northern New England Carnival in Tenterfield, while secondary students go straight to the North West Carnival in Coolah.

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