Mon. May 27th, 2024

Cumnock Police have had one of their easier arrests over the weekend after a man who was allegedly driving drunk crashed into the fence of the police station.

The 46 year old man has been charged over allegedly driving while more than three times over the legal limit when he crashed into the police station fence, and then drove away from the incident and back to the pub.

About 9pm on Saturday night, police will allege a utility was travelling east along McLaughan Street, Cumnock – approximately 60km north of Orange – when the vehicle crashed into the fence of Cumnock Police Station.

The Cumnock Police Station is one of those older, quaint police buildings with a simple wire fence, like a common school fence, at the front. The ute allegedly continued to drive away from the station.

Cumnock police station
Cumnock police station in happier times.

A senior constable, who was in the police residence of Cumnock Police Station at the time, commenced inquiries to locate the vehicle.

A short time later, the ute was found in the carpark of a nearby licensed premises.

The driver, a 46-year-old man, underwent a roadside breath test, which allegedly returned a positive result. He was arrested and taken to Orange Police Station, where he underwent a breath analysis that allegedly returned a reading of 0.185.

The man was charged with drive with high range PCA and granted unconditional bail to appear at Orange Local Court on Thursday 27 April 2023.

The man’s driver’s licence was also suspended.

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