Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

The Greens are proud to announce Dr Dorothy Robinson, Armidale Regional Councillor, and former principal research scientist at the Department of Primary Industries as their candidate for the Northern Tablelands by-election.

A message from Dr Dorothy Robinson:

“Rural and regional areas deserve a fair go – fairer health, education and social services, affordable housing, and a fair share of the benefits from hosting our Renewable Energy Zone.” said Dr Robinson.

“Voters have a choice about whether they want the status quo, or to send a powerful message that Regional and Rural NSW deserves a fair share of resources.”

“We deserve a hospital service based on needs to address the higher rate of chronic health conditions and shorter life expectancy in New England North West, compared to Sydney suburbs.”

“We deserve appropriate allocation of federal assistance for road funding to councils, instead of the current situation where Armidale Regional Council receives less than half the rate per km of the Northern Beaches,”

“Voters also deserve low-cost renewable energy from responsible providers in our Renewable Energy Zone. They shouldn’t have to fork out for nuclear, which will be 3 times the price according to estimates by CSIRO and the Australian Energy Market Operator.”

“Our Northern Tablelands community also deserves adequate public transport, especially for people who need to access medical services, affordable social housing and similar access to rebates for improved energy efficiency as Sydney and Newcastle.”

“The Greens know that all of these advantages could be funded by ending climate-damaging subsidies for coal, gas and native forest logging ($441 per hectare in 2021), reducing bureaucracy in favour of local decision-making and by introducing coal royalties similar to those in place in Queensland. The latter would have netted NSW an extra $4 to $6 billion last financial year.”

“Voters concerned about our environment should also support The Greens because they oppose rampant clearing of native vegetation, unsustainable water harvesting and logging our State native forests.”

“These destructive practices are increasing global warming and therefore the risk of more frequent and severe climate events such as droughts, floods, super storms and bushfires.”

“These impacts threaten our children’s future, our current and future agricultural production and our living costs,” she added.

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