Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

The Independent Miniature Horse Registry (IMHR) will hold their annual Grand National show at the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre (AELEC) from 18 – 21 April 2024.

In what will be their 19th Grand National Show, Lyn Whitehead, Vice-President of IMHR said that the show’s popularity has been steadily increasing since COVID restrictions lifted.

“We usually get about 50-60 exhibitors, and around 200 horses, but numbers have been steadily growing back up since the Covid restrictions have been lifted,” she said.

“Next year will be our 20th show and are expecting it to be even bigger.”

The four-day event features a full host of competitive categories, ranging from hand showing, through to harness, trotting, trail riding, obstacle courses and show jumping, as well as both youth and adult competitions.

Entries to the Grand National have now closed, but spectators are encouraged to attend any of the program.

“The Grand National show is the time when all can come from all over the country to showcase the best horses,” said Ms Whitehead.

“It’s a friendly competition, and a lot of fun to be had – spectators are definitely welcome and it costs nothing to come and watch the show.”

New members are also encouraged, so for those interested in miniature horses, or who perhaps own miniature horses and would like to join in on IMHR’s full schedule of events, the Grand National is a great place to come down find out more.

“Outside of most Ag Shows having miniature classes, IMHR hold shows in every state, each state has a Youngstock and State show, as well as the annual Grand National, which we’ve always held in Tamworth – starting at the old Tamworth grounds until AELEC was built, and have been there ever since,” said Ms Whitehead.

Ms Whitehead is also the owner of Legacy Park Miniature Horses and recommends the miniature breeds for almost anyone.

“They are fun for all the family to youth, and right up to the mature age,” she said.

She laughed and added: “they cost less to feed too.”

For more information about IMHR, including a full program of events for the 2024 Grand National, and information on how to become a member, visit the IMHR website.

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