Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

A little magic is on its way in Inverell!

Young creatives of every sort are invited to register for the free Magic Room project workshop, over 15-20 April at the Inverell Art Gallery.

All youth aged 12-24 are eligible to register, and the only thing participants need to bring is imagination.

The inclusive workshop especially invites youth with disability to come along.

Workshop facilitator Michèle Jedlicka said the idea is to start with a bare room and a starter pile of items. Working together, the participants will turn an empty room into a unique space within the week.

“We’ll start with a pile of random things in the centre of the studio space: old chairs, paints, paper, weird second-hand items, big pieces of cardboard, things like that. The group will decide what they want to do in the room, and my job is to help them realise that idea.” said Michèle.

“And as the week goes on, if the kids need other things, after we wrap up that day, I’ll go collect the items they need within our budget for the next morning. They can also bring things they think of from home or around the community.”

“It’s the magic of creating something out of nothing! And by using some second-hand items, we’re keeping things somewhat sustainable.”

The group will meet Monday through Friday from 10am-1pm, and on the Saturday, family and friends are invited for refreshments to see what has been done in that space.

Michèle said all interests are invited.

“Some of the kids might decide they want to decorate the room, or make it into a funky space,” she said.

“Others might want to rehearse for a small play on the Saturday, or perform a song, or take photos and we can get them printed and exhibit them in a special way. Some might want to make posters for the opening event.”

“It’s up to the kids, and I am happy to guide them.”

Michèle is a writer, award-winning filmmaker, and photographer, with a BFA and MFA in visual arts. She has been working with youth and adults with disability in the visual and performing arts for several years in Inverell, and champions access to the arts for all.

Registration for the Magic Room project is free, but necessary. The booking link is: events.humanitix.com/magic-room-youth-installation-project – the link also has contact info for questions.

This project has been made possible by the Regional Community Builders group and the
NSW government Holiday Break program.

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