Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

The Welder’s Dog Brewery in Armidale will host the third annual Cornfest Tour on Friday April 5. Featuring some of the best names in country, folk and blues music, the festival promises a night where “good corn and good times collide”.

Owner of the Welder’s Dog, Tom Croft, said this is one of the first larger scale events they’ve held in their new, larger premises on Beardy Street.

“This is one of the first times we’ve really handed the venue over like this, we’re not really running the event it’s being run by a good mate of mine Murph [Benjamin Murphy] from Good Corn Liquor,” said Mr Croft.

“We’re really starting to see the benefit of the bigger venue in that we can now say yes to these larger events.”

Benjamin Murphy is the lead singer of the popular country, bluegrass and blues band Good Corn Liquor and also the organiser of Cornfest festival.

“This is just a do we set up a few years ago so we could hang out and play with mates,” said Mr Murphy.

The event has a fun, relaxed vibe with the official event blurb telling attendees to “get ready for a wild and unforgettable night.”

For the Armidale show Good Corn Liquor will be taking the stage alongside folk-rock artist Georgie Winchester, and award-winning multi-instrumentalist Karl S. Williams.

Mr Croft tells us that food for the evening will be provided by the Dale’s Downtown Meats food truck, and drinks will be available to purchase at the bar. Tickets are on sale now, with presale tickets costing $10 each, or tickets bought at the door $15. For more information, visit The Welder’s Dog Brewery Facebook page.

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