Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

When you think of real estate agents, you think nice cars, flashy suits and always looking for that next big sale, but at Professionals Armidale, it’s more than just a business, it is a family. 

And a growing one at that. 

After opening their doors in 2007, Professionals Armidale has seen a series of growth, first merging with Ray White in 2019 and more recently acquiring local and independent agency, Uphill and Shaefer at the end of 2022, now the Professionals family is ready to take 2024 to a new level.

“We are very excited for what’s to come,” said Ben Saxby, Director and CEO Professionals Armidale.

“We have had 12 months now to get in as a new team which is a cool thing, and now we have a new office to make it all happen,”

“We physically couldn’t fit in the space we were in, and we were working across two offices, but in June last year we moved into our new office in the Centre Mall, so we are all together and 2024 will be about building our culture and doing more for the community.”

With the building blocks in place, your Professionals team is ready to deliver on all fronts, as their strategic plan for the next 12 months promotes a triple threat, the three C’s- community, culture and consistency.


Professionals Real Estate Armidale is a household name across the New England for selling property but be prepared to see a lot more of them outside of open homes.

“We really want to get involved with the community through events and fundraisers, and to get our staff involved in volunteering and contributing, whether that be through sport, sponsorship, donations or any avenues.” said Ben.

As a family man of four with ties to local schools and sports and having a team of local people committed to making Armidale better, Professionals are making 2024, there biggest year of impact on all fronts.

“Being able to go and contribute to those things and get involved, its people like us and other organisations who are needed otherwise these things just can’t run.” said Ben.

“It’s not all about us, it’s about giving back to the community we live in, and why would you want to live anywhere else,”

“It is the best place to bring up kids, and so if we can help and contribute, we will.”


Culture is the personality and atmosphere of an office, and after walking into the local Professionals office you won’t want to leave.

Ben and the Professionals’ leaders have invested in building their newly large team’s culture, making them a top contender for employer of choice in our region.

“We have a real digger mentality in our office, which is never leave someone behind.” said Ben.

“If you feel someone is struggling a bit, ask them if they need help and give them that help they need.”

Internal growth and opportunities play a key role in the company’s retention rates and remain a core value moving forward.

“We have roughly 30 staff, ranging from people in their 60s to 17 years old, and a good mix of male and female. We have people who have been with us from School based traineeships in year ten to now working with us fulltime with three or four years in the industry.” said Ben.

“We are always promoting the climb of the corporate ladder, and there is always opportunity for those who are looking for it.”

“I am here to try and help everyone and allow people to get the best out of themselves, which in turn helps our business.”


Professionals Real Estate Armidale remains a performing and competitive agency in Armidale, as well as an award-winning office for the Professionals National Group.

In the second quarter results released this month for the state’s Professionals brand, Armidale took out top office for NSW for Sales and top office in NSW for number of listings, adding to their growing list of accolades over the years.

“Being part of the Professionals group, it allows us to compete with other offices throughout Australia and NZ, and lots of different categories but mainly sale and property management,” said Ben.

“As well as our office recognition, we had great individual highlights,” 

“Kyle, one our sales agents and owner of the business took out highest number of sales for NSW, and we also received some property management excellence awards in Jeanie Supple.”

“We are always up there with the awards, and we are very proud of that, and it is important when staff are doing a good job that they get that recognition they deserve on a national level.”

Even when real estate is booming, which we have seen in recent years, the industry still remains difficult and demanding, but your local Professionals are up to the task, holding the same great service, great advice, and great consistency.

“Armidale has a little bit of everything, we’ve got a strengthening industrial real estate platform, we’ve got just under 7 thousand residential dwellings, and we have a very strong investment arm,” said Ben.

“Armidale is a very safe and predictable place to invest, and most of the time if you buy and invest it will look after itself and have that steady growth.”

“Real estate is a pretty tough gig,” 

“I know it looks luxurious when you drive round, wear a suit and drink coffee, but that’s not what it is, despite what it looks like from the outside,”

“It is very different in real life; it is hard work, but we love it.”

Lead by Example

After buying into the business in 2009 with his wife Kristie, Ben began climbing the ladder from sales agent to CEO, and now is one of three directors for Professionals Real Estate Armidale.

“ I have a lot of people thank for helping me and contributing to the success of Professionals  along the way, none more than my wife Kristie who remains in the business today”

On a panel alongside Stephen Ramage and Jamie Williams, Ben is continuing to strengthen his career after being elected to the NSW Professionals Board in 2021, allowing him to share his services throughout the network to help train and guide other agents.

“That is where some of the major decisions are made for the Professional network in NSW,” said Ben.

“Having that position, I get to speak with not only people in regional areas but metropolitan areas as well, we get to voice their concerns and requirements on the larger scale to move our brand forward,”

“We are very proud of our brand, and what we have achieved in the last few years, and I am sure we are going to continue on a real path of growth.”

“Professionals is like a big family, and that is what makes us different to our competitors.”

As your trusted advisers in real estate and more, reach out and speak to a professional today.

“If people want advice regardless of whether they are selling or buying they can reach out and get it for free,” said Ben.

“Professional is far from done in what we want to achieve in the coming year.”

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