Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Have you noticed some odd buildings around the New England? It seems that New England accommodation is getting a little quirky, and visitors love it!

Much of the New England region has long been recognised as being popular with tourists. With the area’s stunning landscapes, vibrant townships, and intriguing local businesses, it’s hardly a surprise that tourism now features quite strongly as an industry for the region.

One trend in the accommodation space that seems to be gaining in popularity is lodgings that are somewhat out of the ordinary. One such stay that certainly fits the bill for being out of the ordinary is Warialda’s Faraway Domes.

The property features two structures, which are described as “geodesic domes” – igloo like structures, with luxury fittings, and expansive decks designed to allow visitors to take in the panoramic views.

Kate Munsie from Faraway Domes tells us that property owners, Jamie and Belinda Munsie, were heavily influenced by their travels in the USA, Canada and Alaska.

“They saw so many ranches being utilised for tourism, which brought additional economic benefit to the farming operation, while also attracting tourists to the different areas,” said Ms Munsie.

“They were also shocked to be surrounded by travelers who had never travelled outside metropolitan areas and were seeing wildlife for the first time – this was a foreign concept for Belinda and Jaime who have wildlife on their doorstep every day.”

Once they returned home, Belinda Munsie quickly got to work finding a way to make eco-friendly accommodation a possibility for their Warialda property.

The domes are uniquely designed and positioned to allow visitors the opportunity to fully embrace life on a rural property.

“The accommodation gives city residents an opportunity to visit the real Australian outback, not just the hinterland of coastal towns or the scenic rim of major cities,” said Ms Munsie.

Whilst Faraway Downs provides a country escape exclusively for couples, the Mirumiru Bubble Tents in Tenterfield offer a unique stay for the whole family.

Cathryn Van Der Walt says the Bubbletents, similar to Faraway Downs, also have a family experience at their heart.

“The reason we chose a Bubbletent experience for our glamping accommodation because of our family’s love of star gazing wherever we have travelled to, plus its highly environmental credentials,” said Ms Van Der Walt.

“We also wanted to make sure there was an element for families because the other Bubbletent stays in Australia only cater for adults.”

The Bubbletents are designed as a completely green, off-grid experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the open expanse of the property.

“When it comes to the Bubbletent experience, you can’t beat lying on the bed at night watching the Milky Way in the high country,” says Ms Van Der Walt, “We are situated at the base of Mount Mackenzie, and it is a jaw dropping view day and night.”

Local tourism advocate Kerri Hampton from Our Tenterfield says that this kind of accommodation is a huge boost to the region.

“It’s all about the experience, especially for the bulk of the visitors who are coming from urban areas.”

“People can escape the city and come and stay in these unique buildings on beautiful properties and really immerse themselves in the views, the animals, even just the simple act of having a firepit and being able to roast marshmallows – it takes them away from normal day to day life.”

Ms Hampton says that places like Mirumiru, Tiny Tin Shed and the Barrel View Luxury Cabins in nearby Ballandean on the Granite Belt are all doing great things for the local economy.

“There’s so much interest in the revitalisation of Tenterfield, and we’re working really closely with the Granite Belt tourism operators because having those wineries nearby just really rounds out a visit for tourists,” said Ms Hampton.

“These places all just pack a huge punch for regional towns like Tenterfield.”

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