Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

If you were trying to figure out who has delivered more for the communities of New England than anyone else, Fiona Adams would have to be on the shortlist.

Fiona Adams is the Director and Founder of Ladybug Projects in Inverell. Ladybug Projects provides Grant Writing and Project and Event Management to many and varied organisations. Her passion for building stronger, more resilient and more engaged communities has spanned over 20 years, providing financial injections in excess of $40 million across the New England and beyond.

“Working with the community and helping non-profits, businesses and community groups secure grants and implement meaningful projects in their region is a privilege,” says Fiona Adams.

“I have always been passionate about community engagement and helping my community – both as a volunteer and also in my career. My work enables me to work with organisations across NSW and Queensland.”

Fiona has remained passionate about helping bring community projects to life. Having worked with a range of organisations, Fiona has been intrinsic in delivering community driven projects including drought and bushfire recovery, infrastructure development, youth engagement, economic development, arts and culture, community activation events and community spaces.

Having worked in relationship management roles in both public and private sectors, Fiona has developed an instinctive understanding of how to drive positive outcomes for the community. She holds numerous qualifications, including Business Management, Marketing, Governance, Project Management, as well as Conservation and Land Management, which enables her to take a ‘big picture’ approach to community projects.

“There’s so much that I love about the work I do. It’s been both challenging and highly rewarding running my own business, Ladybug Projects, with Christy Galbraith for more than 2 years now,” said Fiona.

“It also brings me into contact with many inspirational women who willingly share their knowledge, offer a sounding board, uplift others and also enable me to do the work that I do.”

Christy Galbraith is also a wonderfully inspiring New England woman. Dynamic, resourceful and tenacious, not to mention highly skilled, Project and Event Manager. She has extensive experience managing a range of youth programs, infrastructure projects, small business support initiatives, drought and bushfire recovery programs.

Fiona and Christy work together to form the amazing team at Ladybug. Their passion and compassion for building community is priceless. They work away quietly, not taking credit for the grants they acquire for people, nor for the amazing change they are bringing to smaller communities and organisations. They are just the loveliest people.

“After 20 years of working for the private sector, non-profits and local government, I am now exactly where I need to be,” said Fiona.

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