Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Eloura Aged Care Facility, a leading provider of elderly care services, is proud to announce its partnership with The Dementia Centre to enhance the quality of care for residents with cognitive impairment.

Through this collaboration, Eloura is investing significantly in the training and development of its staff members to better meet the complex needs of elderly Australians, particularly those with dementia.

The Dementia Centre, renowned for its expertise in dementia care, is conducting comprehensive workshops for Eloura’s care staff. These workshops cover a diverse range of topics essential for understanding and addressing the challenges associated with dementia care.

Raquel Mitchell and Linda Porter, experts from The Dementia Centre, are leading the
program, providing invaluable insights and practical strategies for supporting residents with cognitive impairment.

In response to the significant investment Eloura has made in this training, General Manager Kim Riley stated, “I firmly believe that ensuring our staff have the skills and knowledge relating to the care of older people with a cognitive impairment is paramount.”

“It equips them to meet the unique needs of our residents with compassion and effectiveness. Ensuring our employees feel confident and well-equipped to navigate the demands of this environment is
not just a priority but a necessity.”

“At Eloura, our mission is to provide a place where residents feel at home, safe, and valued. Staff with a high level of training are essential to us realising this mission, fostering an environment where every resident receives the care and support, they deserve.” said Miss Riley.

Tom Gauci, a representative from The Dementia Centre, explained, “The Dementia Centre is providing a comprehensive suite of workshops covering topics such as understanding changes in behaviour, ensuring meaningful engagement, and recognising and responding to pain. These workshops are designed to equip care providers with the necessary skills to deliver person-centred care to residents with dementia.”

Gauci further highlighted the importance of addressing the major challenges faced by care providers in dementia care.

“The recent Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety emphasised the need for improved training and workforce development in aged care. With an aging population and a growing prevalence of dementia, there is a critical need for enhanced dementia care training to ensure the quality of care provided to residents.” he stated.

Linda Porter, workshop trainer, emphasised the importance of knowing each resident individually.

“Everything we do should relate to the individual and be meaningful to them. By understanding the person with dementia, we can move toward non-pharmacological approaches to supporting changes in behaviour and improving their quality of life.” said Ms Porter.

Eloura Aged Care Facility recognises the profound impact of dementia on residents and their families. By partnering with The Dementia Centre and investing in staff training, Eloura aims to provide holistic, person-centred care that promotes the wellbeing and dignity of residents with cognitive impairment.

In addition to the workshops provided by The Dementia Centre, Eloura is dedicated to creating a dementia-friendly environment that fosters meaningful engagement and supports residents in maintaining their independence and identity.

About Quirindi Care Services

Quirindi Cares Services is a proud and passionate not-for-profit organisation based in the Liverpool Plains region.

Quirindi Care Services has been operating for over 40 years and provides three types of accommodation, residential aged care, independent living units and short time respite or palliative care.

QCS endeavours to exceed expectations and quality of care, not only to their residents but to their employees and to the wider community of Quirindi.

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