Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Love it or hate it, today is February 14 and that means Valentine’s Day has arrived. 

For those who were prepared- breakfast in bed, flowers and chocolates waiting on the table, kudos.  

As for the rest of us, there is still time, don’t panic. And if you were thinking of giving it a miss, think again. 

She might say she doesn’t want the flowers. She wants the flowers, and while you are at it, throw in dinner too. 

For our local restaurants, like Tamworth’s Powerhouse Hotel, Valentine’s Day continues to be one of the busiest nights year after year and shouldn’t be overlooked. 

“A lot of planning goes into Valentine’s, and it is the most prominent evening on our calendar.” said Daine Hamilton-Cooper, Powerhouse Hotel General Manager. 

“Menu design is critical and offering extra flourishes like roses & chocolates are a must.” 

“All to ensure that our guests have the most romantic experience possible, and you can’t do a Valentine’s evening without offering fresh oysters, chocolate and a rich, delectable dessert.” 

And there is always the question many ladies (and eager mothers) might ask, will tonight be the night they pop the question? 

“We don’t tend to see a lot of proposals on Valentines, I think that is normally reserved for before or after the dinner, but I encourage anyone willing!” said Daine. 

Love Local, Buy Local 

And it’s bloomin’ easy to make Valentine’s Day a bountiful one for our producers and small businesses across the New England by shopping locally. 

From beautiful flowers, ballons and handmade gifts, to cheese, chocolate and wine, there’s no need to go far from home to get what you need to please your loved one. 

For Little Miss Balloons owner, Jessica Curran, pre-order might be down, but they anticipate a surge throughout the day.

“Pre-orders are slightly down this year but I find I usually get a lot of last minute orders today as the guys seems to leave things to the last minute.” said Jessica.

And when it comes to the size of the gift?

“Go big! Our large teddy balloon has been the favourite this year.”

Make sure you look local this Valentine’s day.

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