Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Did Santa bring your family a new furry addition this year? Whether it be a puppy or an older dog rescue, Yestraining for Dogs is helping New Englanders get off to the right start with their series of training courses expanding across the region.

“We are bringing our Puppy Pre-school and Pet Manners classes to Glen Innes, Inverell, Walcha and Armidale regions,” said Phil Evans, Manager for Yestraining for Dogs.

“We have conducted these classes in Armidale for the last 30 years and we run them on Sunday afternoon, however, we do have mid-week lessons and can-do private lessons as well.”

Respected Armidale Dog Trainer, Phil Evans, says demand is high with many new pet owners looking for assistance.

“It is quite often we have people travel from those areas to take part in the classes, and its something we are looking to make more regular.”

With three trainers sharing the load, the courses provide a wide range of tools for dog owners across multiple stages of training and gives vital information for successful pet ownership.

“Our puppy pre-school is for puppies up to the age of 16 weeks and we use a slightly different style of training called positive and reward only style of training,” Phil said.

“This is where owners are trying to create a bond with their new puppies.”

“The object is to have these puppies and dogs to have good social habits around other dogs, it a good educations experience for the owners as we talk about general pet care, health and wellbeing of the dogs, the basic of dog training and we prime them to go into the Pet Manners beginners’ class where they learn more about effective training methods for older puppies and older dogs.”

“Pet Manners is for dogs sixteen weeks and up, these dogs tend to need to have some boundaries established about the behaviours we want from them and the behaviours we don’t want from them.”

With untrained and unmannered dogs becoming an increasingly big issue across the entire New England, giving even an introductory lesson can see big benefits.

“We are dog trainers not behaviour therapists, and the people who are approaching us are those who want to learn how to do it right first time.”

To sign up or for more information please visit the Yestraining for Dogs Facebook Page or their website and give you and you dog the best start to your life together.

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