Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

This weekend, CareFlight is hosting a unique community education workshop in Warialda, part of a program which aims to build resilience in local communities by improving access to health services and outcomes across Australia.

Health services can be stretched in emergencies and often the first people to arrive at the scene of a serious incident are local community members. The workshops are part of CareFlight’s grassroots initiative to create a more resilient and healthier community. In collaboration with local groups and their members, CareFlight is building confidence in the emergency response abilities of locals in the community.

Lara Miller, Head of Operations – Education and Training for CareFlight, said everyone should have the opportunity to be trained and equipped with the skills, knowledge and confidence to respond to emergencies and help save lives.

“The first few minutes after an accident can mean the difference between life and death for the patient. First responders do an incredible job for their community and can be called and at the scene of an accident before additional medical help arrives,” said Mrs Miller.

CareFlight’s trauma care workshops are one-of-a-kind and are provided at no cost to participants. Attendees include community members, local volunteers and local emergency services personnel. Lifelike medical mannequins, simulated accident scenarios and specially-designed simulation equipment aid in the recreation of a high-pressure, hands-on environment, ensuring the training is realistic, applicable and improves participants’ ability to connect learning to real-world situations. In addition to lifesaving skills, personnel are armed with essential leadership, teamwork, situational awareness and communication skills that will help them respond to traumas.

“Through our partnership with local organisations, health services and emergency services, we are reinforcing the links in the chain of survival by ensuring that a higher level of care is available as soon as an incident occurs,” Mrs Miller said.

“This workshop is a boost for the emergency services in the New England region.”

“Off the back of an incredibly difficult few years facing floods and the pandemic, CareFlight is delighted to be able to bring the training into the community, thanks to government grants and community fundraising.”

“Our aim is to empower locals with lifesaving skills and essential inter-agency collaboration, for the ultimate goal of creating a safer society,” she said.

CareFlight’s Community Education workshops are coordinated by experienced doctors, paramedics and nurses who train first responders. Participants in the upcoming CareFlight Community Education workshops include members from the State Emergency Service, Rural Fire Service, and St John Ambulance.

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