Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

A new project funded by the NSW government will give women in agriculture the chance to develop their own small business and skills training.

The innovative Empowering Women in Farming Businesses project, delivered by NSW Farmers, does away with the ‘one size fits all’ approach and instead gives local women a hand in designing their own development opportunities.

NSW Farmers Projects Manager Georgia Campbell said the aim was to establish formal networking and learning programs to connect women in small business – or who were looking to start a small business – specifically related to agricultural sectors.

“We know that no two country communities are alike, and what works in Moree may not be needed in Leeton, so it’s about partnering with locals and developing something that will deliver the biggest benefit,” Ms Campbell said.

“Women make an immense contribution to the agriculture sector, and we want to provide regional, rural and remote women with business-focused networking and skill development opportunities to further develop their confidence and support systems.

“We will be delivering between eight and 10 events next year, and we’re looking for interested communities/groups/prominent women to put their hands up to be involved and help shape these events.”

Options will include skill-based workshops, networking events, and farm or business tours in their local region, which NSW Farmers would then organise and facilitate for the community. 

“By offering communities a choice of events, we believe they will be able to gain maximum benefit by selecting the option which most develops their targeted skills or networks,” Ms Campbell said.

“Women are estimated to generate one-third of on-farm income, often through the management of the farm business itself, but too often they don’t receive formal support or recognition for this role.

“I really want to see a huge interest from right across the state, because I’m sure there is a demand for this sort of targeted and locally-designed initiative.”